Fast and Concurrent RDF Queries with RDMA-based Distributed Graph Exploration



报告人:陈海波 教授

Title: Fast and Concurrent RDF Queries with RDMA-based Distributed Graph Exploration

Abstract: In this talk, I will describe Wukong, a distributed graph-based RDF store that leverages RDMA-based graph exploration to provide highly concurrent and low-latency queries over large data sets. Wukong is novel in three ways.

First, Wukong provides an RDMA-friendly distributed key/- value store that provides differentiated encoding of graph data to reduce RDMA transfers. Second, Wukong lever-ages full-history pruning to avoid the cost of expensive final join operations, based on the observation that one- sided RDMA cost is largely oblivious to the payload size to a certain extent. Third, countering conventional wisdom of preferring migration of execution over data, Wukong seamlessly combines data migration for low la- tency and execution distribution for high throughput by leveraging the low latency and high throughput of one- sided RDMA, and proposes a worker-obliger model for efficient load balancing. In the end, I will present the performance results of Wukong, which significantly outperforms state-of-the-art systems like TriAD and Trinity.RDF for both latency and throughput, usually at the scale of orders of magnitude.

Short Bio:陈海波,上海交通大学教授、博士生导师,CCF杰出会员,ACM/IEEE高级会员。主要研究方向为系统软件与系统结构。入选2014年国家“万人计划”青年拔尖人才计划,获得2009年CCF优秀博士学位论文奖、2011年全国优秀博士学位论文奖、2015年CCF青年科学家奖。担任ACM SOSP 2017年大会共同主席、ACM APSys指导委员会共同主席、《软件学报》责任编辑、《CACM China》编辑等。多次担任SOSP、ISCA、ASPLOS、Oakland、PPoPP、EuroSys、Usenix ATC、FAST等国际著名学术会议程序委员会委员,与APSys 2014、2014年全国体系结构学术年会等程序委员会共同主席。在SOSP、OSDI、EuroSys、Usenix ATC、ISCA、MICRO、HPCA、FAST、PPoPP、CCS、Usenix Security等著名学术会议与IEEE TC、TSE与TPDS等著名学术期刊等共发表60余篇学术论文,获得ACM EuroSys 2015、ACM APSys 2013与IEEE ICPP 2007的最佳论文奖与IEEE HPCA 2014的最佳论文提名奖。研究工作也获得Google Faculty Research Award、IBM X10 Innovation Award、NetAPP Faculty Fellowship与华为创新价值成就奖等企业奖励。

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