A Cloud-oriented Algorithm for Virtual Network Embedding Over Multi-Domain

题目:A Cloud-oriented Algorithm for Virtual Network Embedding Over Multi-Domain

主讲人: Professor Ken CHEN university Paris 13,member of USPC (university Paris Sorbonne Paris City)

时 间:2016年12月22日(周四)上午10:00-11:30

地 点:北京大学 计算机所大楼 309会议室


The rapid deployment of cloud computing service needs a robust and efficient virtualization layer between the application and the physical hardware. Network Virtualization, which allows the co-existence of various logical networks on shared physical infrastructure, is an important technique to face this challenge. The optimal mapping of virtual resource to physical resource is a major issue in network virtualization. This problem, called virtual network embedding (VNE), has been well explored in the context of one physical domain, which is in practice operated by a single infrastructure provider (InP). However, with the rapid growing of cloud computing services, quite a number of VNs have to be established across multidomain. For multi-domain VNE, infrastructure providers can no longer just solve their own single domain VNE problem, but have to cooperate to build the whole VN. Therefore, new challenge arises for the multi-domain VNE, compared to traditional single domain VNE. The existing investigations on this problem mainly focus on decomposing a VN to sub VN for each domain, but little attention has been paid to the joint relation between intra-domain and inter-domain (peering) links. In this paper, we propose a multi-domain link mapping framework which combines the intra and peering link mapping so as to optimize the overall resource utilization. Our approach is easy to be deployed since it is based on current Internet architecture. Evaluation shows that our approach brings improvements related to existing methods.


CHEN Ken is a professor of computer engineering at university Paris 13, member of USPC (university Paris Sorbonne Paris City). Since 1997, he have become a professor at institut Galilye, university Paris 13. He received his engineer diploma from Ecole Supyrieure d'Electricity majoring in digital electronic in 1985, received his doctor degree from university Paris-Sud with a thesis on computer networking in 1988, and obtained habilitation (Doctorate Supervision Capability) from university de Versailles-Saint-Quentin-en-Yveline with a thesis on real-time computer systems and networks in 1996. The research of professor CHEN is computer networking and applications, as well as the underlying modelling and optimization problems. He set up direction (1998-2009) of a research laboratory (40 members) on image processing and computer networking. And he is member (2012-2015) of national evaluation committee (CNU) on “computer engineering, automation, signal processing”. Besides, there are described about his biography in more detail in attachment.

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