The Institute of Computer Science and Technology (ICST) of Peking University was established in 1983. Its founder, renowned Professor WANG Xuan, is a world-leading computer scientist. He was the winner of the "National Highest Science and Technology Award" in 2001 and academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Chinese Academy of Engineering and the Third World Academy of Sciences. ICST is structured into five research areas: digital publishing, multimedia information processing, digital content processing, natural language processing, and information security. ICST is an umbrella institute hosting a number of research laboratories, namely, National Engineering Research Center for Electronic Publishing New Technology, Center for Chinese Font Design and Research, Key Laboratory of Intelligent Press Media Technology, Network and Information Security Laboratory of Peking University (Zhongguancun Open Laboratory).

For more than three decades, on the principle of "World-Class Research, World-Wide Applications", ICST has made significant contributions to computer science and technologies by advancing applications in printing and media industries. Specifically, the Laser Typesetting System (LTS) based on the Chinese character compression technology, has led a nationwide revolution in printing industry; the Newspaper Digital Asset Management System has brought paperless working environment to media industry; the digital rights management system has promoted the popularity of e-books; and the digital broadcast control system has made digital TV automation possible. For the significant social and economic benefits and important contributions made to the development of computer applications in China, ICST has won many national awards, including two first prize of "National Scientific and Technological Progress Award" (therein after referred as "NSTP Award"), two awards for "Top Ten China Scientific and Technological Achievements", three second prizes of "NSTP Award”, two awards for "Major Innovation of Information Technology Industry", and two awards for "Ten Major Scientific and Technological Progress of China's Colleges and Universities".

In recent five years, by fully utilizing our advantages in digital media technology, ICST is dedicated to the research and development of media intelligence technology, expanding the scope from digital media to intelligent media, and from press to knowledge service. ICST is building a platform for media-intelligent technology research to cultivate talents with cutting-edge international visions, as well as developing independent innovations in media-intelligent products and service.


Academic Committee
Director Zhi Tang
Members Zhiyuan Ye, Jianguo Xiao, Xiaoou Chen, Dongyan Zhao, Zongming Guo, and Yuxin Peng
Admin Staff
Director Zongming Guo
Asscciate Director Zhiyuan Ye, Zhi Tang


In August 1974, Chinese government launched a key project – "Information Processing System for Chinese Characters (also known as "Project 748"), which included three sub projects "Intelligence Search Using Chinese Characters", "High-Quality Typesetting for Chinese Characters", and "Communication Using Chinese Characters". For that, a research team was summoned in Peking University for the project, which eventually evolved into ICST.
In 1976, Professor WANG Xuan and Professor CHEN Kunqiu took charge of "High-Quality Typesetting for Chinese Characters", after accomplishing a pilot research on font information compression and rapid restoration. In this project, Professor WANG Xuan was responsible for the overall design and development. He wisely abandoned second and third generation typesetting technologies and directly chose the fourth generation solution that had no mature products at that time.
On January 6 of 1983, ICST was formally established at Peking University, focusing on Chinese character information processing. In the same year, ICST successfully developed Huaguang II system – the first Chinese laser typesetting system.
In 1985, it was appraised as one of the "Top Ten China Scientific and Technological Achievements". Soon afterwards, it won the first prize of "NSTP Award".
In 1995, ICST cooperated with Founder Group to develop the "Founder Electronic Publication System", which later won another first prize of "NSTP Award", and ranked No. 1 in the "Top Ten China Scientific and Technological Achievements".
In 2001, Professor WANG Xuan won the "National Highest Science and Technology Award".
In 2006, the newspaper digital asset management system (cooperated with Founder Group) won the second prize of "NSTP Award".
In 2007, the digital audio and video control technology and application (cooperated with Founder Group) won the second prize of "NSTP Award".
In 2009, the digital copyright protection of digital book publication system won the second prize of "NSTP Award".
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