Open Mandarin Grammar
Developing Linguistic Resources for Chinese Deep Linguistic Processing
LinguaView is an light-weight graphical tool aiming to aid manual construction of linguistically-deep corpora. Currently, viewers for context-free grammar, dependency structure, deep dependency graph, combinatory categorial grammar and lexical functional grammar have been supported.
We are working corpus-oriented development for grammar engineering. In particular, relatively deep grammars as well as annotations will be built based on existing treebanks, e.g. Chinese TreeBank (CTB).
Here is our CTB-to-GRGraph converter.
Here is the small-size GRBank we manually edited.
GraSS Parsing Kit
When linguistically-rich annotations are at hand, we can build statistical parsers for various Natural Language Processing applications.
GraSS Parsing Kit is developed for this purpose.
We are working on this. Join us if you are interested.
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