X-Engine: An Optimized Storage Engine for Large-Scale E-Commerce Transaction Processing (SIGMOD 2019)


时间:9月12日(星期四) 9:00 — 11:00


题目: X-Engine: An Optimized Storage Engine for Large-Scale E-Commerce Transaction Processing (SIGMOD 2019)


Alibaba runs the largest e-commerce platform in the world serving more than 600 million customers, with a GMV (gross merchandise value) exceeding USD 768 billion in FY2018. Online e-commerce transactions have three notable characteristics: (1) drastic increase of transactions per second with the kickoff of major sales and promotion events, (2) a large number of hot records that can easily overwhelm system buffers, and (3) quick shift of the "temperature'' (hot v.s. warm v.s. cold) of different records due to the availability of promotions on different categories over different short time periods. For example, Alibaba's OLTP database clusters experienced a 122 times increase of transactions on the start of the Singles' Day Global Shopping Festival in 2018, processing up to 491,000 sales transactions per second which translate to more than 70 million database transactions per second. To address these challenges, we introduce X-Engine, a write-optimized storage engine of POLARDB built at Alibaba, which utilizes a tiered storage architecture with the LSM-tree (log-structured merge tree) to leverage hardware acceleration such as FPGA-accelerated compactions, and a suite of optimizations including asynchronous writes in transactions, multi-staged pipelines and incremental cache replacement during compactions. Evaluation results show that X-Engine has outperformed other storage engines under such transactional workloads.


程训焘博士(花名:闻棠),阿里云数据库产品事业部高级开发工程师,2018年毕业于新加坡南洋理工大学,杭州市未来科技城“顶尖人才”。他毕业后加入阿里云数据库 X-Engine 研发团队。他在攻读博士学位期间的主要研究方向是基于新兴计算和存储硬件的高性能数据库,专长数据库算法并行优化,在 SIGMOD、VLDB、TPDS、CIKM、HPDC等相关会议和期刊中有多篇论文发表。

王德浩(花名:旺德),阿里云数据库产品事业部高级开发工程师,2017年硕士毕业于武汉大学,后加入阿里云数据库 X-Engine 研发团队。他目前负责数据定义语言(DDL) 等相关功能的研发,团队核心开发工程师。




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