On Recommendations via Large Multi-modal Models

报告题目: On Recommendations via Large Multi-modal Models

报告人:Philip S. Yu

时间:7月13日(周四) 下午3:00-3:50


报告摘要:As the variety of products and services continues to increase, recommender systems play a critical role in assisting customers by presenting products or services that are likely to be of interest to them. In the era of big data, there is an abundance of data available from various sources, encompassing different modalities. In addition to user rating information on products, other relevant data sources can include social networks, knowledge bases, product descriptions and reviews, as well as contextual and temporal information. Even cross-domain and cross-site information can prove useful. In this talk, our focus is on utilizing large multi-modal models through broad learning to fuse multiple information sources of diverse modalities and perform synergistic deep recommendation tasks across these fused sources in a unified manner. We examine the various heterogeneous information sources and explore ways to enhance the effectiveness of recommendation systems by leveraging large multimodal models to harness the power of deep and broad learning.

报告人简介:Dr. Philip S. Yu is a Distinguished Professor and the Wexler Chair in Information Technology at the Department of Computer Science, University of Illinois at Chicago. He is a Fellow of the ACM and IEEE. Dr. Yu is the recipient of ACM SIGKDD 2016 Innovation Award for his influential research and scientific contributions on mining, fusion and anonymization of big data, the IEEE Computer Society’s 2013 Technical Achievement Award for “pioneering and fundamentally innovative contributions to the scalable indexing, querying, searching, mining and anonymization of big data” and the Research Contributions Award from ICDM in 2003 for his pioneering contributions to the field of data mining. Dr. Yu has published more than 1,300 referred conference and journal papers cited more than 173,000 times with an H-index of 187. He has applied for more than 300 patents. Dr. Yu was the Editor-in-Chiefs of ACM TKDD (2011-2017) and IEEE TKDE (2001-2004).


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