Bingfeng Zhou , Ph.D, Professor


No.128, Zhongguancun North Street, Haidian District, Beijing, P.R. China, 100080

email:zbf (at)

Bingfeng Zhou, born in October 1963, is a professor and doctoral supervisor of Institute of Computer Science and Technology, Peking University. Bingfeng Zhou’s research area is computer graphics and image processing. He belongs to several academic organizations which include CAD/CG specialized committee of China Computer Federation, virtual reality specialized committee of China Society of Imaging and Graphics and digital image specialized committee of Chinese Society of Imaging Science and Technology. Bingfeng Zhou obtained his bachelor degree from department of computer technology of Bejing Institute of Computer in 1984, his master degree from Beijing Institute of Data Processing Technology in 1987 and his Ph.D degree of science from department of computer science of Peking University in 1993. Bingfeng Zhou’s research interests include geometric modeling, robotics, multimedia technology and its applications, digital image half-toning, and virtual reality.
Bingfeng Zhou used to work in several research institutions both in China and abroad, which include Beijing Institute of Data Processing Technology (1987-1990) where he is an engineer, Imperial College of London, United Kingdom, as a senior visiting scholar in 2004 and Peking University (1993-now) where he had been a lecturer, an associate processor and now is a professor. While he is employed by Peking University, he had  also worked for a PKU owned company (Founder Group) as a researcher.
Bingfeng Zhou’s research achievement during his working in these research institutions include: Graphical simulation of the kinematics of industrial robots, geometry modeling system based on micro-computers, micro-computer based CAD/CAM system for numerical controlled machine tools, color image processing technology and systems, 3D graphics special effects for multimedia authoring systems, and halftoning technology and its application in printing industry. Based on these research achievements, tens of research papers were published. Bingfeng Zhou is also granted tens of Chinese and international patents based on his research.


Research Directions

• Theory, algorithm and technology for rendering and modeling in computer graphics

• Multimedia information processing and internet computing (Processing , presentation and communication of the graphics, image and video information in computers and internet)

Current Research Topics

• Image Based Rendering and Modeling

• Geometry Modeling and Digital Geometry Processing

• Physics Based Modeling and its Non-photorealistic Animation.

• Computational Photography

• GPGPU Technology

• Digital Image Half-toning

• 3D printing technology and its applications

• Virtual reality and its application

• Intellgent drone control technology and its applications


• The 8th BiShen Award of Printing Technology (2005, China Association of Printing Technology)

• The 2nd Award for Invention and Innovation (2006, China Association of Inventions)


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