Understanding Personal Photos and Videos

演讲者: Liangliang Cao (CTO, HelloVera AI)

时间:2018-07-03 10:00-11:00

地点: Room 106, Institute of Computer Science & Technology, Peking University (128 Zhong-Guan-Cun North Street)

Abstract: The popularity of digital cameras and smartphones has brought a flourish of personal photos and videos, and led to profound changes in both research and development. This talk will review my experience on this topic in the past ten years, including winning ImageNet LSVRC and developing the photo2fashion search at Yahoo!. We will especially go through our recent project of question answering for personal albums. This talk will also summarize research lessons from big companies as well as startup’s viewpoints, and discuss interesting directions in the future.

Bio: Liangliang Cao is the co-founder and CTO of HelloVera AI. He is also an adjunct professor of Columbia University since 2013. Previously He worked as a senior scientist at Yahoo Labs and earlier a research staff member at IBM Watson Research Center. He won the 1st place of ImageNet LSVRC Challenge in 2010. He is an IEEE senior member and a recipient of ACM SIGMM Rising Star Award.


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